How we generated 100+ targeted leads in a week: Writing your lead magnet

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Fact: Lead generation is one of the most important areas of your business and it’s also the biggest problem business owners have, aside from cashflow.

Why is lead generation important?

Lead generation is the hottest topic in business. It’s the most talked-about topic of marketing gurus everywhere… and business owners need to know how to work it!

But what is lead generation exactly?

First of all, a lead is basically anyone who expresses an interest in your products or services. Leads can come through to you via many different ways, and a lead magnet is just one way. Online they can come through your website, social media, emails and then through word of mouth, referrals, or a phone call.

How does it help your business grow?

Having a constant flow of leads — aka prospective clients and customers — into your business is a growth mechanism and allows you a constant flow of potential sales too.

How is a “lead magnet” used to generate more leads?

A lead magnet is an incentive used to give something of value to a potential client in exchange for their contact details and at the very least a name and email address.

Writing your lead magnet: 17 lead magnet ideas

  1. Best blog with extra info added to it
  2. Blog series (choose 5 of your best blogs and piece them together)
  3. Checklist
  4. List of tools or resources/apps
  5. Templates
  6. Question and answer
  7. Mistakes
  8. eBook
  9. Survey
  10. Quiz
  11. Scorecard
  12. Video course or training
  13. 5-day challenge
  14. Info guide
  15. Cheat sheet
  16. Toolkit
  17. Brochure

How to write a lead magnet

1. Plan out your lead magnet — what topic will you write about, what is your goal for the lead magnet, who is it for, how long will it be, what’s the next step for people who sign up to it, and so on.

  • What would help you now and in the future?
  • Use the answers to these questions to formulate your lead magnet.
  • Do some research and googling
  • Use a name or title generator
  • Lead sentence — something catchy
  • Body — include tips, stats and steps
  • Conclusion — wrap up the main points
  • Call to action — remember your next logical steps

What else you need that is often forgotten (until the last minute)

  • A landing page for your lead magnet
  • A thank you page for when people have given their details
  • A thank you email with the content inside
  • An email series to follow up with the people who have left their details with questions and an offer for them
  • Make sure it looks amazing and is in line with your branding and colours
  • It has your face on it or at the very least your logo
  • Remember to add your contact details to each page

So how did we generate 100+ targeted leads in a week?

I followed the steps I have just outlined for you. The biggest key factor is the research and planning at the start. Get that right and you will be on to a winner.


I hope you have found joy and value from this article and take one, some or all of the suggestions and put them into practice.

Next logical steps

Content writing and creation for your lead magnet is an area we cover in my 8-week Content 2 Ca$h online course.


It is just one of the areas in your business and with your content that you can generate a lot of new business and sales — and it’s easy when you know how, have the writing templates and a mentor to guide you.

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